Duos May Blog

What have we been up to since our Early Access launch and what is next?


Some History

Duos launched as Early Access on May 5th, 2023. Since then, we have gained hundreds of users with no marketing or advertisements. The team has since kept the app running while working under the hood. We will get into all those juicy details in a moment.

Thank You

First, we'd like to thank all the Duos users that have used the Early Access version and gave feedback. We also want to thank all of our followers, Discord members, and friends who showed support the past few years now. You guys have been the foundation of what we are trying to achieve. This app is created with love by gamers, for gamers worldwide. It is our goal to create the largest dating and community app for gamers everywhere to meet, chat, date, and game. As we always say, "stop playing with yourself."

What We've Been Up To

Ever since our Early Access launch last May, we have hastily been working on the plenty of bugs, improvements, and changing a couple key features in the app that needed to be improved upon (we will get into this soon). Our developers work on the app while our LA-based team works on the social and business aspect. We have since shot a short ad that will premiere on our 1.0 release. It was shot by Shut Up and Deal Films and we look forward to sharing with you. We plan on squeezing in one more ad shoot before launching, but will prioritize the launch if it happens sooner than expected.

Fixes and Improvements

Our developers have been busting their a**** fixing every bug they come across along with other issues and some improvements. A full update report will be available at launch. Here are a couple fixes we have had cooking up:

  • Fixing issues with the Home screen (swiping, logic, buttons, etc.)

  • Fixing profile pictures not showing up or taking too long

  • New logo

  • Fixing crashes in the app

  • Fixing the 'Say "Hi"' button

  • Many, many, many more issues and improvements

After this launch, we plan on finally putting Duos on the iOS store for many more friends, followers, and users to join.


When will the app be available on iOS?

We will put 100% of our focus on putting Duos on iOS as soon as we launch our 1.0 version. There is no definite time as the App Store has many strict guidelines we are trying to adhere to.

What can we expect from the 1.0 release of Duos?

Duos 1.0 will have TONS of bug fixes, improvements, and more. It will be our official, full launch that we very much look forward to sharing. We know it's been quite a while, but it will be worth the wait.

What comes after the 1.0 release?

After the 1.0 release, we are going to focus all of our efforts on launching Duos on the App Store for iOS. Aside from that, we have plenty of plans for the app such as new, exciting features, major UI improvements, and lots of backend changes that will help Duos run smoother and work better for you.

Final Note

Be sure to follow our social medias linked on our Home page. Join our Discord to hang with the team. Download Duos on the Google Play Store today for our Early Access.

Stop Playing with Yourself

Thank you,

The Duos Team

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